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What People Say


Kari was one of our most admired consultants on the team. She is a pleasure to be around and excellent at building relationships.

She operates at a very high level of professionalism. She is a great communicator – very responsive and proactively helpful. I enjoyed having her on our team and would recommend Kari to any organization seeking someone with a blend of solid technical ability, effective communication style, and superior interpersonal skills.


Kari is a rare example of a leader that understands the client and what brings value to their business. She has a firm grip on macro issues, while also being able to quickly identify the micro technical issues in detail and provide great insight. This ability, coupled with wit, humility, intelligence and humanity, is instrumental in keeping levels of motivation high and project progression at the right level. -


Kari is whip-smart, motivated, and an all-around great person to work with. She's able to wear many hats in the workplace, and welcomes the challenges of a fluid, fast-paced work environment.


Kari is a solid performer and is consistently a team player. Her organizational skills, great attitude and flexibility are unmatched. Whether the focus is large or small, Kari gets the job done.


What I particularly enjoyed about working with Kari was the great contribution she made to our team culture and norms. In many ways, Kari was the glue that kept us together.